April 20, 2023 admin

“Frustrated With Apathy”

“We were becoming frustrated with the apathy toward completing assignments by a significant percentage of our students.  Obviously, the incomplete assignments adversely affected grades, which in turn affects scheduling for a school our size.  After receiving some much needed direction from a neighboring Middle School, we implemented the Power of ICU approach during the course of the 2017-2018 school year at the High School.  We chose not to set it up exactly as the Middle School, but we formatted the plan to what works for us and our schedule.  Among the staff, we had our ‘doubters’ as to whether ICU would be beneficial.  However, having a strong ICU leadership team has greatly impacted the success of the program.  For me, as the principal, it places some of the control into the hands of the teachers who are on the ‘front line’ in the classrooms.  And as far as the ‘doubters’ are concerned, they are far and few now.  In comparing some baseline data from the 2016-2017 to this year, we have noticed a significant drop in Ds and Fs for each grade level. For example, last year’s juniors, 44.2% were receiving a D and/or F during the first semester.  This year, that current group of seniors, only 24.1% are receiving a D and/or F.  Obviously, the number is still considerably higher than we would like it to be, but positive steps need to start one at a time.  So, we look at it as a positive movement.”

– K. P. (High School Principal)