The Power of ICU Formula

Completion + Quality Assignments + Healthy Grading = Student Success


  • Every Student Completes Every Quality Assignment

  • The List (ICU Database)

  • Lifeguards Required

  • Extra Time / Extra Help

Quality Assignments

  • Assignments Tied to Learning Standards

  • No Busy Work!

  • Redo (Higher Expectations!)

  • Restudy / Retakes

Healthy Grading

  • Grades Reflect Student Learning

  • Separate Behavior from Academic Grades

  • Remove Toxic Grading Practices

  • Learning Instead of Point Accumulation

" In a Brick House, grades reflect learning, inaccurate feedback is counter-productive, and learning is not a race. "
Danny Hill - Brick House

ICU Database

The Ultimate ICU List

The ICU Database is web-based so teachers can create, monitor, and manage missing assignments online anytime.

Stakeholder Notifications

When a teacher puts a student’s missing assignment on the ICU list, the student’s parents are automatically texted and emailed a notification of the missing assignment.

Focused Intervention

Students can be grouped together and viewed in “filters” so everyone can become involved in reviving student engagement and responsibility.

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