February 1, 2023 admin

And the success continues!

The Power of ICU stretches way beyond just your campus school. The strategies and supports taught through the ICU approach will stay with many students and teachers for a lifetime. We have received consistent feedback about how ICU has helped brand new and seasoned educators shift their thinking towards impactful intervention and learning based practices. As a principal, the greatest compliment is often that you have developed lead learners that grow and move on to become leaders themselves. This is the case for many of our schools. However, what is even more of a compliment for us is when these new leaders bring the Power of ICU to their new schools.

This is AWESOME! One of our teachers from FMS left and went to Fredericktown School District. She took her knowledge of defeating student apathy with her.

This is what it is all about! I just wanted to share with you her excitement and joy of bringing this to another school.

And the success continues! We were fortunate to receive feedback from the teacher, as well. She was able to share the ICU approach with her new school district and once again, the students are demonstrating their learning while developing accountability.

I just wanted to share with you guys that today we kicked off our 1st day of Working Lunch/ICU.  We are only doing freshman and core classes to begin with as part of our transition plan. Well, these freshmen teachers listened and bought in. So today we had 32 kiddos on our list.  Except for the boy who was absent, we collected EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT.  The MTSS guy for our building was astounded. He spends his life chasing down missing work, and he’s been working closely with me on this. He said, “This is the most effective intervention in the history of the world!”

Another teacher was shocked as well.  He said, “I don’t understand. I told them yesterday I was putting them on the list if I didn’t get it. What was different about today?” Well, obviously, we were getting into their lunch time, but I told him, “There is something magic about THE LIST.”

Thanks for listening to me. I just wanted to share with people who truly understand how excited I am!