October 20, 2021 ICU Admin

A Culture of Support

Every student in your school has his or her own story… living their own life.

Each life is different. Remember this when wondering why students behave or learn the way they do. An effective way of ensuring that every student has support from every angle is to have multiple “cheerleaders” throughout the school building. This allows students from all walks of life to be able to be helped and cheered on. Some students don’t respond well to their classroom teacher but may respond well to their athletic coach. Many students respond well to teachers who they do not even have, simply because that teacher said hi and showed kindness. This can sometimes change the day of that student. Teachers can even ask if the student needs any help with a missing or upcoming assignment, even if it is not their student.

If every person in the school building did this, the culture would be unstoppable. Imagine students feeling empowered and unafraid of failure. Imagine students holding their heads high, knowing that every person in the building has their back. This is no longer a culture of student and teacher. This is a culture of learner and supporter.