July 6, 2022 ICU Admin

New School Year, Clean Slate

The beginning of a school year is a clean slate!

This is the time of year to ensure students know the expectations in your classroom and your school. Do students know that they are to complete every assignment? Do they know that the assignments that are being given are tied to a learning standard? Do they know what the learning standard is and where to find it?

As we ask those questions to students, we must also ensure that we ask ourselves these same questions as educators. Do I know the expectations of my school? Are the assignments that I am giving tied to a learning standard? Have I shared where these learning standards can be found with my students?

Questions like these can help check the pulse on the learning culture in your classroom and in your school. Students need to know that there is a goal that we are all trying to reach together and that there are layers of support in the school to help them get there. This begins the year with a clean slate, clear expectations, and motivated students.