August 8, 2022 ICU Admin

Thoughts for the New School Year

A new school year is approaching, and a new group of students come with it.

It is imperative that this incoming group of students know the high expectations that you have set as teachers. It is just as imperative for them to know how much you care and how much you want them to learn. Students will start to become apathetic if the sense that you do not care for them to learn. One way to achieve this is to simply change the language you use in your classroom. Using phrases such as “getting a good grade”, can have a negative impact on how they learn. Students seem to feel like failures if they do not get the grade they want. Instead, use phrases such as “let’s master this standard/skill”. This leaves learning more open-ended, instead of their grade being the end-all-be-all.

Prepare to “beep” your students and get missing assignments, and we hope that this year will be amazing!