February 23, 2018 ICU Admin

St. Clair Freshmen Success

Students and faculty at St. Clair High School now aim to a higher standard.

Let’s let the words from St. Clair High School’s Principal, Jennifer Davis, speak for themselves.

“It’s official! Due to our teachers’ hard work and dedication and your support, we have had a 85% decrease in the amount of freshmen Fs due to the fidelity of the implementation of ICU! The statistics don’t lie. In the 2016-17 first semester, there were 66 freshmen Fs. In the 2017-18 first semester, there were 10 freshmen Fs.  By the time our board meeting rolls around we will have met our goal of having every single freshmen with every assignment turned in for first semester! The reason being is WHEN students do their work, they learn. These grades aren’t inflated; they’ve been higher all year long per our freshmen teachers. We are ECSTATIC with the progress of our students and the dedication to this process by our teachers!  We are also proud to share that we’ve hit our highest completion rate yet at 95% for the building.”