June 18, 2017 ICU Admin

Great Job Laurel MS!

Another success email!

The 2016 – 2017 school year will go down as another successful ICU year for Laurel Middle School. The last two years saw LMS complete all assignments and have the list cleared by the last day of school. Two years ago finished with more than 24,000 assignments on the list. Last year finished with just over 23,000 assignments on the list.

This year we set a lofty goal of dropping that number to less than 15,000 assignments. Our staff and students knocked it out this year, with only 14,131 assignments being placed on the list! YES! We came up just four assignments short of clearing the list for the year, but the overall result is something our staff and students should take pride in. A large part of this decrease in the overall numbers is that our teachers are focusing more on standards-based, quality assignments and being more selective in what gets graded. Awesome!

Patrick Cates
Laurel Middle School”