Washington Middle School

Glendive, Montana
Grades: 6-8

The 2016-2017 school year is the very first year that the ICU formula and ICU database have been implemented at Washington Middle School. The impact of the implementation has been dramatic. Washington Middle School’s principal, Mark Goyette, says, “For the 2015-16 school year we had 583 course failures across all grade levels. This year, after implementing the ICU formula, our course failures were 100. THAT IS A REDUCTION OF 483 COURSE FAILURES!” This is an 83% improvement in one school year. Ensuring that students are completing quality assignments on time is the key to their success. Next year, they plan to improve upon this success in order to reduce the course failures even more. Goyette adds, “We are not content with having 100 course failures.”  The success of Washington Middle School is just beginning.

washington middle school

Kirksey Middle School

Rogers, Arkansas
Grades: 6-8

Since first implementing the ICU “formula” three years ago, and working with the ICU team throughout, Kirksey Middle School has been ranked among the top ten percent of all schools and the top five percent of middle schools in Arkansas. After embracing a vision to empower students to be successful every day and with ICU as a foundation, failing grades have dropped to less than one-half of one percent. Teachers and administrators have equipped students with the tools and resources to give students every opportunity to learn. Re-studying, re-takes, and extended time are commonplace, and KMS students are thriving in a safe learning environment that supports high-quality learning. Principal Mel Ahart says, “The ICU Team has been a tremendous resource and support as we continue to build a learning culture for our students.”

Jackson Junior High School

Jackson, Missouri
Grades: 8-9

At Jackson Junior High School, assignment completion has become the norm, with teachers rejecting “busy work” and focusing on quality assignments linked to the academic standards. Practice and extra practice have been lifted up, and toxic grading practices have been cleansed from classrooms. Jackson Junior High continues to produce impressive data that confirms student success is rampant. They have become the a model ICU school that exemplifies the Power of ICU “formula”. In 2015, they were awarded the Brick House Achievement Award (read more).

Stewarts Creek High School

Smyrna, Tennessee
Grades: 9-12

Located in one of the fastest growing areas in the country, Stewarts Creek High School serves a population of over 2,000 students. This comprehensive high school is known for running a “tight ship” while building strong relationships with students. ICU is a foundational part of its culture with students receiving multiple layers of support. Key practices include using the ICU Database, Lifeguards, an ICU period, ICU working lunch, ICU coaches, among others. On any given day, multiple adults are engaging with every student on “the list” about their missing assignments. Students know that “practice” must always be turned in and completed well, and teachers are focused on giving quality assignments and giving grades that reflect learning. The “power” of ICU can be seen in the academic successes of Stewarts Creek students, from graduation rates above 95% to individual victories with formerly apathetic learners.

Huron Middle School

Huron, South Dakota
Grades: 6-8

When walking the halls of Huron Middle School, it is not unusual to hear a student proclaim, “I’m off the list!” From the first year Huron began working with the ICU Team, every student has completed every assignment and failure rates have diminished. Huron has built an infrastructure that focuses on student learning that includes constant communication with parents through the ICU Database and parental involvement and engagement continues to improve. The layers of support, including lifeguards and opportunities for extra time/help, have made a lasting impact, with Huron students routinely exceeding growth expectations in math and reading.