Blitz Day Success in Windom!

Blitz Day

Another awesome email…

We just had a Blitz day last week in which we took 60 missing assignments off the ICU List which reduced our List by 62%! We’re loving what the Power of ICU List and Standards Based Grading has done for us!

Erin Elder, Dean of Students
Windom, MN

2500…Seriously AWESOME!

Great news coming out of Watertown, South Dakota! Watertown Middle School is nearing 2500 assignments completed this year thanks to the Power of ICU Formula and the implementation of Holiday Blitz, Super Study Hall and Dance Dash! Congratulations to Principal Todd Brist, Assistant Principal Chad Johnson and the WMS Staff ! The Power of ICU is a proven formula for student success!

Watertown Middle School

Way To Go Luverne!

We are hearing awesome things about Luverne Middle/High School in Luverne, MN. Luverne Middle School and High School are Power of ICU Partner Schools implementing the proven Power of ICU Formula. So far this year they are celebrating over 4,000 assignments completed AND 21,000+ daily communications sent to Luverne parents!

Kudos Principal Ryan Johnson and staff! THIS is Success! 

“Every student completes every assignment is an attainable and measurable goal.”


Dropping Failure Rates!

We have completed 1757 assignments grades 6 thru 12. Last year, when we were just using the Power of ICU Formula in our middle school, our failure rate dropped 30 percent in a semester. ICU has been terrific!!!

Richard Roan, Jr High Principal  

Cooper Jr/Sr High, Cooper,TX

Cooper ISD_0

Power of ICU- Blitz Day Success!

260 student school…we have completed 1,457 assignments! 

We completed our first blitz in December and students completed EVERY assignment to fidelity. We are planning our 2nd blitz in March and calling it the “Basketball Blitz”. We will have a students -vs- teachers basketball game with ME as the referee!

Todd Chandler, Principal                                                                                                                                                        Cleburne County Middle School, Heflin, AL


At the half way point last year we had 276 course failures.  Frankly, the number of students failing was out of control.  We were allowing the students to CHOOSE to fail.  THIS YEAR WE ARE NOT! 

This year at the half way point we have 239 LESS course failures than the previous year at the half way point. What an incredible accomplishment for us all (including our students).

I just wanted to share with you all where we are and I know as we work through this process and focus on the ICU Formula for Success (Assignment Completion + Quality Assignments + Healthy Grading Practices = SUCCESS) things are only going to get even better.  I am proud to have the opportunity to work at Washington Middle School!

Mark Goyette

Principal                                                                                                                                                                                        Washington Middle School, Glendive, MT


…An attainable and measurable goal!

I just wanted to let you know that we finished our first semester with ZERO missing assignments at Fairview High School. I’m including a spreadsheet that shows how much our grades improved from a year ago.

Our biggest surprise is that we went from 75% A’s and B’s in the 2015/16 school year to 96% A’s and B’s in the 2016/17 school year.

I am proud of our students and staff!  Thank you for presenting to us and helping us change the culture in our school.

Rick Miller

High School Principal

Fairview, Montana

Fairview Results

“ICU is About a New Culture on Campus”

Fort Stockton Middle School, a Power of ICU Spotlight School, is shinning bright in Fort Stockton, TX.

Check out the Article from local CBS affiliate Channel 7.

2017 is going to bring great success for Power of ICU Partner Schools!



Fort Stockton Middle School
Fort Stockton, Texas
Principal: Roy Alvarado
Grades: 6-8
Enrollment: 598


The Power of ICU Team is excited to announce the last SPOTLIGHT SCHOOL for 2016! A Spotlight School has earned the coveted distinction by successfully implementing the Power of ICU Formula and continued assignment completion for at least two years.

After Fort Stockton ISD was introduced to Power of ICU by Danny Hill in the spring of 2014, Fort Stockton Middle School started its first year of ICU in 2014-2015 in a section of the cafeteria at lunchtime with two lifeguards. They quickly realized the potential in giving students extra help and extra time to complete their assignments…and students responded! Read More about Fort Stockton Middle School



“Power of ICU – A Wind-Driven Prairie Fire”

Schools across the country are completing their first semester of this school year and the Power of ICU Team is excited to already be hearing success stories.

In August, our own Danny Hill was interviewed for an article in the Billings Gazette.  As reporter Matt Hoffman wrote, “This year, the program (Power of ICU) seems to have spread like a wind-driven prairie fire.”  It’s truly exciting times for our team and the Power of ICU Partner Schools. To read more of the article go to Billings Gazette Article

The Power of ICU Team’s mission is to transform the education culture in America. To partner with schools, empower teachers and build success for every student. We know that “Every student completes every assignment” is an attainable and measurable goal. The Power of ICU is a proven formula for student success!

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